About Us

Eduslide Pro is a full-fledged collaborative learning suite for improvised content delivery brought to you by the Eduslide Pty Ltd. Integration with content providers enables a massive library of learning objects on over 1000 subjects including graphics software, business applications, network administration, programming, photography to name a few.

With Eduslide, you bring learning accessible anytime and anywhere by creating learning content of your choice and uploading it for free access. Create a community and collaborate with your co-teachers, students, and parents with a project manager to develop more effective class techniques.

The Development Team

Thomas Lehner

Project Manager / Founder

Founder and co owner of Eduslide, responsible for concept, interface design, project management and marketing.

Mark Vernon

Angel Investor

Owner of Zeresoft and angel investor for Eduslide.

Jain Thomas

PHP Developer

Main PHP developer on team from the start of project.

Jayasurya Udayarajan

Flash/Flex Developer

Flex coding, wireframe and integration of all parts.

Antony Fernandez

PHP Developer

PHP developer

Rick Martin

UI Designer

Website design, creation of all graphical elements.

Francois Roux


Marketing and client liaison.