Eduslide Versions

Eduslide "Pro" allows businesses to easily manage staff development and pool training resources for maximum bottom-line growth. Professionals who wish to share their knowledge can collaborate with their associates to share new ideas. Eduslide Pro is for professionals and businesses who wish to receive IT training and any other essential learning content. A well-executed lesson plan and proper student collaboration lead to educational success, and Eduslide "Pro" will help you to achieve that.

  • Learning Content Creation – Assemble your ideas from pre-built learning objects to create effective learning aids for your students.
  • Lesson Plan Management – Manage your own lectures and clone courses for reuse and transfer purposes.
  • Student Involvement – Create and track assessments for students and assign courses via invitation.
  • Mobile Learning – Create courses, objectives, assessments and events while on-the-go with applications for Android and iOS.

Eduslide School - Completely integrated with your school environment, Eduslide "School" combines education, collaboration and administration to give you a complete web-based solution that helps teachers deliver effective education with a decreased workload. We have gone to great lengths to create a unique product from the ground up to enable seamless integration with your school's teaching processes. With user collaboration, mobile integration, content creation, powerful reporting and an effective learning environment, Eduslide "School" enables teachers and parents to partake in the success and development of students.

  • News feed - Continuous and effective communication between teachers, student and parents.
  • Calendar - Stay on the pulse regarding projects, assignments, exams, assessments, courses and homework anytime, anywhere.
  • Content creation - Maximize learning by importing, creating and customizing your own content.
  • Portable integration - whether scholar, parent or teacher you can get information, communicate and work on tasks and projects from anywhere, anytime on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.
  • Gradebook - automated grading system with results available to teachers, students and parents.
  • Create revenue through mobile advertising

Eduslide "Free" is a fully functional version of our Learning Content Management System (LCMS). Whether you are a lecturer, teacher, a freelance content developer or a company executive, our free version of Eduslide allows you to create educational content and deliver it online. You can create, learn and collaborate to enable an effective learning environment for students, staff and lecturers. Though creating a multi-user account for your school or company is not enabled, you may share your content from your free account with the rest of the free users community.

Have access to the following features of Eduslide to deliver your training using our extensive feature set:

  • Dynamic content creation tools
  • Social collaboration
  • Mobile learning
  • Public content sharing
  • Media Utilization*
  • Video Library*

* Includes VTC Online University Licence - first three chapters of each course are available, except for MasterClass and Quickstart courses.