The Content Library app is a centralized hub for all your media assets within Tagcash. It allows for streamlined storage and management of images, videos, and other types of media.

Centralized Media Storage

All your content, whether used in tutorials, live streams, or other apps, is stored and referenced from this single, organized location.

Role-Based Access Control

Control access to specific albums or folders based on lists or member roles, enabling you to easily manage who can view or utilize your content.

Flexible Monetization Options

Content can be offered for free or at a charge. Users may be asked to pay upon clicking on an item, or you can grant access through pre-paid member roles or lists.

Data Usage Tracking

The app allows you to monitor your data usage closely. View metrics on data storage and transfer for the current month directly within the app. Should you exceed your data limits, the Content Library app offers the option to purchase additional data storage and transfer capabilities directly within the app.

Seamless Integration

Designed to integrate effortlessly with other Tagcash Group apps, the Content Library is the go-to source for all your media needs.The Content Library app in Tagcash offers a comprehensive solution for media storage, access control, and data management. With added features like data usage tracking and the ability to extend storage and transfer limits, it is an essential tool for any group on Tagcash.

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