Tagcash Launches Social Media & Group Monetization with Lightning Network

Tagcash, the Philippines-based digital wallet and payment platform, has expanded its offerings to include worldwide services for social media and group collaboration, with monetization of members possible through the use of Bitcoin and the Lightning network for micropayments.

Tagcash's aim is to help promote the adoption of the Lightning network by ordinary consumers who wouldn't normally buy Bitcoin, which will help further the growth of Bitcoin worldwide.

Tagcash offers a range of apps as part of the platform, but companies can also create their own to use for themselves or to rent to other groups. The platform also features built-in referral and advertising services to promote groups and services to other groups.

With Tagcash integration of Bitcoin and the Lightning network for micropayments, users can benefit from fast, secure, and transparent transactions. Tagcash is also one of the leading Lightning nodes in the world, offering users a reliable and efficient network for their transactions.

But that's not all, Tagcash also offers a unique feature that sets it apart from other platforms. The platform includes its own gasless EVM Blockchain, controlled by each group for creation and marketing of NFTs to its members. This allows groups to have complete control over their own NFT creation and marketing, providing a secure and efficient way for groups to engage with their members.

"Tagcash has always been committed to providing our users with innovative and reliable financial services, and now we're excited to expand into social media and group collaboration," said Mark Vernon, the CEO of Tagcash. "Our platform offers a comprehensive solution for individuals and businesses looking to monetize their online presence and engage with their audience in new and innovative ways."

One example of a company using Tagcash is VTC.com, a 25-year-old IT e-learning company with over 100,000 videos teaching a variety of IT subjects, which users can now access by paying for just one video at a time for a few cents. This also encourages other tutorial makers to build their own communities and monetize in different ways.

Whether you're an individual looking to monetize your social media presence or a business looking to engage with your audience in new and innovative ways, Tagcash is the platform for you. Join Tagcash today and unlock the power of social media monetization and audience engagement.

About Us

Tagcash is a platform that enables businesses and groups to create and monetize their own customized member communities with a wide range of integrated services.

Tagcash Ltd is registered in Wyoming, USA and is built on technology created by miskio.com