Eduslide Features

Tailored School Network Creation

Set up your educational institution on Eduslide with just an email and a secure OTP. Add faculty, staff, students, or entire classrooms easily—individually or in bulk via CSV. Maintain full control: establish permissions, designate group creators, and regulate app access. Opt for posts on personal pages or within specific groups. Elevate your institution's branding with a custom URL and school logo. Want exclusivity? You're in charge of enrollment access.

Effortless User Experience for Educators and Students

Simple sign-up with just an email and OTP. Pick your primary interface—newsfeeds for school announcements or chats for classroom discussions. At a glance, see all your groups and the educational tools at your fingertips.

Classrooms and Groups: Secure and Intuitive

Seamlessly toggle between personal and group spaces. As educators, set permissions and oversee app access with ease. Add students or teachers securely, ensuring focused academic discussions. Define the learning environment with your rules.

Personalized Classroom and Group Dynamics

As an educational admin, you decide which features and apps your classroom or faculty can access. Be it document sharing, assignment trackers, or parent-teacher chats—activate the tools that cater to your institution's academic goals.

Educational Apps: Versatility at Your Fingertips

Explore a comprehensive suite of in-built educational apps, from newsfeeds and virtual classroom sessions to quizzes, event bookings, and more. Dreaming of a bespoke academic tool? Our Database Manager and App Maker are at your disposal. Design custom applications that mirror your school's ethos. The educational journey you envision is now attainable.

Data Integrity: Secured and Isolated

We recognize the importance of safeguarding academic data. Each Eduslide network operates on its distinct database, guaranteeing your institution's data remains separate from others. This precision offers an added security layer, assuring you that your data, be it teacher profiles, student chat logs, or custom app content, resides safely and independently.

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